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Mastering is the final step in the audio production process before duplication and distribution. It’s the last chance to give the album that final ”professional polish”. The mastering engineer provides an unbiased/fresh pair of ears and their experience to bring your project to its full potential. Once mastered, your project will sound fuller, richer, louder, and become a cohesive unit that translates more consistently from one playback system to another.

Includes audio leveling, dynamics, and equalization adjustments; noise removal; fades/crossfades; and track sequencing & spacing. Mastered material can be used to generate a CD Master, Mp3s/digital files intended for internet distribution, or a vinyl pre-master.


This information is meant to give you an estimate of costs. Please feel free to contact me and I can get you an exact quote 🙂

Unattended Sessions (files are uploaded or mailed-in):

  • $45 per song or….
  • $400 per album….  which ever is more cost efficient.

-Masters are delivered in sequenced AIFF or WAV format over the internet.

-Vinyl Pre-Masters, DDPs, Redbook Audio CDs, MP3s are also available.

        -Revisions are built into the rate… we are done once you are happy.


If you would like us to ship a physical copy of your master directly to a duplication facility or if you live out of the area, shipping costs will be billed at actual cost (plus packaging if necessary).


50% deposit is required to book/begin any project. The remaining balance is due upon approval of the masters.
We accept Cash, Paypal, and Credit Cards via Square.
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